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Sunday, September 11, 2011

2012 FORD EXPLORER 4X4 XLT LEATHER SYNC BACKUP CAMERA ALLOYS $36986 23 MPG WWW.NHCARMAN.COM.MOD Over 1,000,000 views 250+ videos 2012 FORD EXPLORER 4X4 XLT LEATHER SYNC ALLOYS $36986 23 MPG WWW.NHCARMAN.COM.MOD Has the top 20 walkaround videos on the home page and separate pages for recent Cars, SUV'S and Trucks Has the most recent videos I have posted. walk around videos have Over 1,000,000 views 250+videos

This had been getting a bunch of views since i posted it a few weeks ago.. Alreay past 1000 views OVER 1 MILLION VIEWS!!! 250 VIDEOS TO CHOOSE FROM NOW LOTS OF 2012 MODELS ON THE SITE NOW...

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